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Bilingual Safety Publications

Bilingual Safety Publications© is an affiliate of Inter-Lingua that specializes in workplace safety and accident prevention.

  • Authors and publishers of important bilingual publications created to help companies take a proactive approach to safety for their Spanish-speaking workers.

    For additional information, please visit our Web Site at:


    Bi-monthly newsletter dedicated to workplace safety, to help keep workers safety-conscious throughout the year. Workers appreciate receiving and reading the useful safety messages.


    Each volume contains 25 Bilingual Safety Tips to help your employees avoid the most common accidents in the workplace. Includes tips on putting together effective training sessions.

    Six different volumes:

    Vol. 1. General Safety

    Vol. 2. Construction

    Vol. 3. Agriculture

    Vol. 4. Landscaping

    Vol. 5. Hotels & Hospitality

    Vol. 6. Janitorial & Maintenance

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